Monday, December 23, 2013

30 Week Check-up

My 30 week appoinment on Friday was quick and uneventful.  Probably the best kind of appointment to have at this point in time.  My weight is up to 164 and baby's heartbeat was around 156 bpm.  I discussed the severe sciatic pains I've been having and he recommened warm baths.  I haven't tried it yet as they seem to have let up the past few days.  That's not to say it doesn't hurt, it's just a lot more tolerable right now.  Graham is a lot more active so I'm guessing his repositioning is what allows me some relief from time to time. 
31 down, 9 to go!  The end is in sight.  I've had a few emotional roller coasters this past weekend but the hubs was on his game, as usual, and really talked me through it all.  I'm getting tired, sore and just plain worn out.  Mental and physical exhaustion are settling in.  I recall getting to this point with my last pregnancy.  Only it wasn't quite as hard.   We had a focus of another kind.  We were anticipating the arrival of our child.  We were distracting ourselves with shopping and preparations.  None of which we are doing this time around.  It's just all so very different.  We're not upset.  We're not even sad.  We're filled with the excitement for what's about to happen.  I just wish I could get there a little quicker...and so does my body ;)   
Next appointment will be in 3 weeks, then a couple 2 weekers then I'll be seeing him once a week until Graham arrives. 

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