Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 15 Begins...

I guess it's about time for another photo update.  The bump is getting larger and Baby "B" appears to be getting larger as well.  I really need to come up with a better name than Baby "B" but for now that will have to do.  He/She should be about the size of a naval orange now.  Things are starting to get squished and shift around accordingly.  Lots of soreness and irritation going on in my back as well. 

I've started to surrender to maternity clothes.  It's been tough finding ones that aren't either A) ugly as sin or B) outrageously pricey.  I took my chances on ordering some online from Burlington Coat Factory.  They were pretty inexpensive so I may end up getting exactly what I paid for.  I also received a few items from a couple really good friends.  One just had her little one, the other is due on my birthday!       
The fluttery feelings of movement have started.  I don't think I would have recognized them this soon if it were my first time being pregnant.
The IP's and I are pretty much staying in contact daily.  Not a lot to text about right now but it is nice to hear and see how they're doing.  We've been exchanging a lot of photos lately.  It's pretty neat to put faces to names now.  I'm really hoping to meet a lot of them in person.
With the kids starting school and my other business needing a lot of attention right now, my focus has been pulled elsewhere.  It's been such a blessing too as it's made the whole month of August really fly by.  As weird as this may sound I don't want this surrogacy to consume my thoughts and time too much.  Once the baby comes I don't want there to be this shock of "now what do I do with myself".  I don't want it to become such a focus for me now that I don't know how to focus my thoughts and energy afterwards.  I welcome all the distractions at this point.  To be honest, the only person I talk about the surrogacy with is the hubs or the IP's.  Outside of that I don't talk about it much at all to anyone else.  I enjoy just leading my normal life as if I wasn't carrying a child for another couple.  I enjoy being seen as "me".     


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

13 Weeks

Yesterday was my monthly check up with my OBGYN.  All is looking great.  I've dropped a couple pounds weighing in at 138.  I think I was retaining a lot of fluids while on my meds that coupled with the fact that I've been focused on making my snacks healthier.  I'm taking full advantage of the ability to eat and drink the things I used to dislike.  For instance, orange juice.  I've never been a fan but I've been drinking it daily lately.  Oh and milk!  I've always liked milk, it just doesn't like me.  Thanks to surro baby I enjoy a nice cold glass at breakfast with no issues.

Dr R. wasn't certain if we'd be able to hear the heartbeat just yet but he found it.  The little one is at 160 bpm right now.  According to the old wives' tale anything over 140 would indicate a girl. 

Next appointment will be in 5 weeks.  We'll check the heartbeat again and do a little belly measuring.  I'm hoping to stay right on track this pregnancy with the doctor's intended weight gain for me.

We were able to plan ahead about 10 weeks and schedule the gender revealing ultrasound.  IM has an insanely crazy schedule right now so we were shooting for one particular day.  I went into the appointment thinking there was no way we could get the one day that would work for everyone and lo and behold we did!  So October 25th, baby's mom and dad will be flying in to see their little one for the very first time.  I can't wait to see the excitement on their faces.  They will fly home knowing if they are going to be the parents to a son or daughter.  They'll be going home to share the news that they're going to be parents!  No more secrets.  I love it.  Their family deserves to be able to buy that first adorable newborn outfit, to start choosing a name, the carseat, highchair, pack n play, etc, etc, etc.  They deserve the opportunity to finally prepare and celebrate this little one that will soon be rocking their worlds at all hours of the day and night. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye 1st Trimester

Today marks day one of the second trimester!  Morning sickness and nausea have disappeared.  The main symptom I'm battling with right now is the tiredness.  It's not so bad in the morning but afternoons and evenings are rough.  I'm sporting a pretty noticeable baby bump now.  I've surrendered to the maternity pants since very few of my regular pants are fitting anymore.  I'm not sure what hormone is causing it but my upper arms are breaking out badly.  It's making me very self conscious.  Oh, and the sneezing!!  I had no idea it was pregnancy related but I did a little research and found it actually is.  It's a little thing called rhinitis of pregnancy.  Weird.  I definitely don't recall either in my other pregnancies.  Of course you can't really compare this to those though. 
I just want to add how exciting it is to see the IP's excitement when we hit milestones.  I can't imagine the level of anticipation they are having each day.  Their patience is pretty darn amazing.  Their involvement and communication is top notch and exactly what I had hoped it would be.   

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wrapping Up the First

Here's a photo taken today at 11 weeks.  Little bit of a baby bump going on.  That makes us just 7 days shy of 2nd trimester.  I wish I could say it's just flyin by but the reality of it is, it isn't.  As I get more uncomfortable, it gets tougher mentally.  Adding to that is knowing I won't deliver until 2014.  Please don't mistake my ramblings as regret because I have none.  I went into this knowing that I'd walk away with tremendous personal growth (and no, not literally) what I didn't expect was the relationships that have developed.  I see great things coming in the future for both of our families.  Something far beyond forty gestational weeks.      

I shared the news with everyone at work last week and the responses have been incredibly warm and supportive.  When I say "I shared" I really mean I told my boss and let him share with everyone.  He was able to do it in a tactful, "oh by the way, Jennifer..." manner.  Glad to have that weight off my shoulders.  I guess I'm officially "public" now.             

I just received the best news today!  It's been a battle getting my most recent bloodwork results from one doctor to another.  I am so fortunate to have a very persistent IM.  She called the nurse, on her day off, on her cell, and got the answers we've been waiting for.   I am now MED FREE!!!  Hubs said I should celebrate by buying him lunch...how lucky am I?! ;)