Tuesday, August 20, 2013

13 Weeks

Yesterday was my monthly check up with my OBGYN.  All is looking great.  I've dropped a couple pounds weighing in at 138.  I think I was retaining a lot of fluids while on my meds that coupled with the fact that I've been focused on making my snacks healthier.  I'm taking full advantage of the ability to eat and drink the things I used to dislike.  For instance, orange juice.  I've never been a fan but I've been drinking it daily lately.  Oh and milk!  I've always liked milk, it just doesn't like me.  Thanks to surro baby I enjoy a nice cold glass at breakfast with no issues.

Dr R. wasn't certain if we'd be able to hear the heartbeat just yet but he found it.  The little one is at 160 bpm right now.  According to the old wives' tale anything over 140 would indicate a girl. 

Next appointment will be in 5 weeks.  We'll check the heartbeat again and do a little belly measuring.  I'm hoping to stay right on track this pregnancy with the doctor's intended weight gain for me.

We were able to plan ahead about 10 weeks and schedule the gender revealing ultrasound.  IM has an insanely crazy schedule right now so we were shooting for one particular day.  I went into the appointment thinking there was no way we could get the one day that would work for everyone and lo and behold we did!  So October 25th, baby's mom and dad will be flying in to see their little one for the very first time.  I can't wait to see the excitement on their faces.  They will fly home knowing if they are going to be the parents to a son or daughter.  They'll be going home to share the news that they're going to be parents!  No more secrets.  I love it.  Their family deserves to be able to buy that first adorable newborn outfit, to start choosing a name, the carseat, highchair, pack n play, etc, etc, etc.  They deserve the opportunity to finally prepare and celebrate this little one that will soon be rocking their worlds at all hours of the day and night. 

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