Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye 1st Trimester

Today marks day one of the second trimester!  Morning sickness and nausea have disappeared.  The main symptom I'm battling with right now is the tiredness.  It's not so bad in the morning but afternoons and evenings are rough.  I'm sporting a pretty noticeable baby bump now.  I've surrendered to the maternity pants since very few of my regular pants are fitting anymore.  I'm not sure what hormone is causing it but my upper arms are breaking out badly.  It's making me very self conscious.  Oh, and the sneezing!!  I had no idea it was pregnancy related but I did a little research and found it actually is.  It's a little thing called rhinitis of pregnancy.  Weird.  I definitely don't recall either in my other pregnancies.  Of course you can't really compare this to those though. 
I just want to add how exciting it is to see the IP's excitement when we hit milestones.  I can't imagine the level of anticipation they are having each day.  Their patience is pretty darn amazing.  Their involvement and communication is top notch and exactly what I had hoped it would be.   

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