Tuesday, January 28, 2014

36 weeks

Yesterday was my first round of what I thought might be promising contractions.  Only, they weren't.  They were coming about every 3-5 minutes and lasting 1-2 minutes each but they weren't painful.  I know the real ones will be the farthest thing from painless.  Just about the time I thought "maybe this could be it, maybe later they will take it up a notch and start to hurt" they tapered off.

I can say that I'm having a lot more from day to day now and that I feel like my body is really shifting into the final stage.  There's a lot of pressure in my pelvic region and I've been getting sort of crampy from time to time.  There's something I haven't had to deal with for several months and it's been nice.  I sort of welcome pain now because it's time to reunite this "Little Cracker" with his mom and dad.  It's going to be the highlight of my journey!  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to Pack

I guess it's time to start thinking about packing my hospital bag...only I can't.  I can't bring myself to it.  I'm a horrible packer.  I hate it.  No really, we went to Hawaii last year for our honeymoon and as unbelievably excited as I was I didn't finish packing until the morning we were to catch our flight.  I just don't like packing, period.  I will procrastinate until the last possible minute.  It brings on a whole other level of anxiety. 

I did find a helpful list of what I should pack since I really can't remember that long ago.  I still think the list exaggerates on what you should bring vs. what I'll actually need.  The hubs is insisting I have the bag packed or I will end up with all kinds of things I don't want if he's left in charge of it.

Let's see....
  • nightgown or pajamas - All you get to wear is that sweet open backed hospital issued maternity gown.  All modesty seems to go out the window during labor.    
  • slippers and socks - YES!  A must.  I think I always forgot these in the past.  I will also add a pair of flip flops for the shower.  It takes me back to my college days and having to share the shower stalls.  You never went in the stalls without your flip flops on. 
  • underwear - now this is something that the hospital actually provides that I'll never forget...those sweet oversized, granny mesh undies.  Before, during and after labor all desires for fashion go out the window and comfort is the only thing on your mind.
  • toiletries - but of course, only how do you pack these things without buying a brand new everything.  I'm using these items daily so I can't exactly pack them ahead of time.  Surely the hubs can figure out the essentials, such as my toothbrush.  We shall see.
  • going home outfit - so the pregnancy is over and as a first timer many years ago I thought I'd be going home several sizes smaller...WRONG!  Reality is, you're no smaller after than you were before.  It took 9 months to pack all that on, it'll take at least that (if not double) to get it all back off.  So, maternity clothing or "fat pants" (think yoga, stretch lounge pants)....check!  Note to self:  go easy on yourself, it will take time to get where you want to be, embrace the miracle and not your weight. 

The list really isn't that long.  I just need to buck up and do it.  Some of the other items they suggest make me laugh.
  • massage lotions
  • aromatherapy items
  • cosmetics
  • snacks
I'm not going to a spa. Props to those of you that found the relaxation enough to enjoy these sorts of items, but not this girl.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

35 Weeks

This is what it looks like when Graham gets pushy.  I believe that's his bum pushing out on the left side.  With not a lot of room left in there his movements leave my belly looking all sorts of distorted.
Today is my 35 week checkup and I hope to talk induction.  It won't happen until 39 weeks but if we could start looking ahead at a date that would be awesome!  Of course if my water breaks before that it's game on as they won't be stopping labor at this point.  From what I've been reading, Graham is fully developed.  The final month is primarily used for additional weight gain. 

It's also hospital pre-registration day! 


Just made it back from the doctor's office.  Dr thinks Graham's head is down still but isn't certain.  His heartbeat was 136 this week.  As babies grow in the womb, their heartbeats begin to settle into a slower pace. 

I go back in 2 weeks and he will do the group strep test, sonogram for baby's position (if necessary) and check for any dilation.  If he finds I'm dilating he will schedule a date for a 39 week induction.  If no dilation, I will see him again in a week and he'll check again.  As far as my water not breaking on its own in my previous pregnancies, well that has zero relevancy on this one.  He said each one is completely new and different and what has happened in the past pretty much means a whole lot of nothing. 

And last but not least the depressing part.  My weight is up to 170lbs.  I've hit the total "recommended pregnancy weight gain" at 35 weeks.  I think I may be on the road to becoming an emotional eater...I comforted myself by eating a donut stick once I left the doctor's office. Super counterproductive, Jen.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Simply Beautiful...

These pictures are fantastic.  The raw emotions that were captured are beyond amazing! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Appointment Update

Up 1 lb from 3 weeks ago
Graham's heartbeat is at 156
He is head down!!!  Super exciting (although I was reminded that could change)

My doctor did ask if I was having more contractions, which I have been.  Completely normal and expected for someone who has been pregnant before.  Still nothing to be alert about though.  They're not the real deal yet, just the uterus doing it's thing in preparation. 

And I got an unexpected shot, blah (but really no biggie)  In third trimester they administer a Dtap vaccine

I go back in 2 weeks.  That's all :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

7 weeks to go!

Another not so flattering photo but here's what 33 weeks looks like...  
The biggest change I've noticed (besides my size) is that my hunger seems to be tapering off somewhat.  That's not to say I don't eat a lot, it's just starting to slow down.  The mid-morning snacks are no longer necessary nor am I craving them.  Especially when I'm at work.   I'm distracted and I feel full.  If I'm sitting on my butt at home, that's when I tend to end out of boredom and not so much out of hunger.
I'm focusing more and more on eating healthier snacks and meals.  Not just for my sake but for my family as well.  I've started removing the unhealthy items from our grocery list and replacing them with better options.  I know from experience that if there isn't a good, tasty replacement that we I will resort back to the unhealthy choice. 
As of January 1st, I stopped drinking pop, or sooooda as D prefers to call it.  Do I think I'll go the entire year without drinking pop, no, but it's going to be my "treat" item on rare occassion that we may go to a pizza shop or the like.  Who can eat pizza without pop?! 

Just 7 short weeks left until we hit the EDD (expected due date).  As most of you probably know, the EDD is rarely ever the day the baby is actually born.  It could be sooner, it could be later, only time will tell.  I have another OB visit tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty sure he'll just check the heart rate, my weight, blood pressure and send me on my way.  It's my guess that he'll start doing internal exams, to check for dilation, starting next month.