Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My List

Have you noticed all the lists lately on Facebook?  You know, the ones where someone gives a friend a number then that person has to list that many random facts about their self (I'm sure that was probably poor grammar).  Well I thought that might be fun to do on here.  Since I don't actually have a number assigned I'll just see how many I can come up with.

  • I dislike homemade chocolate chip cookies.  The smell alone can make me gag.  Store bought are okay.
  • I love Angel Food cake.  I can put away an entire cake, on my own, in one pregnancy needed.
  • My oldest was born on Leap Day, a week late.  We celebrate it the 28th.
  • My current addictions:  Facebook, Judge Judy, Text Twist, my phone
  • Both of my kids are half lefty and half righty.  One writes lefty and plays sports righty.  The other writes righty and plays sports lefty.  It's weird and I don't get it.  D and I are both righties.  
  • I used to have this weird thing with counting the letters in words in my head.  If it's not an even word I must add an "s" (or something) so it's an even lettered word.   
  • My favorite movie has always been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...and I'm not referring to the Johnny Depp massacred remake.  You can't compete with Gene Wilder.
  • I've been married the same man.  We're getting it right this time.
  • I acquired the nickname Pooper Scooper as a child.  It's not what you think.  It started as Jenny Poo, went to Poo Scoo and somehow found it's way to Pooper Scooper.  My siblings must've come up with this one.
  • I love spinach and brussel sprouts.  It disgusts my kids.
  • I have a thing for Hondas...5 out 7 of my vehicles have been Hondas.  
  • I am very easily distracted.  Dangerously so.  Drives my husband nuts.
  • In my 19 years of driving I've never had a speeding ticket.
  • I can't whistle.  
And now I'm drawing a blank so I guess my list is complete.  :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

About our IPs...

When I finally decided to become a surrogate I always knews there could be a possibility that I could be matched with a couple that I didn't click right away with, or at all.  I knew that perhaps they wouldn't want much communication after the baby was born and that was something I would have to mentally and emotionally be prepared for.  Honestly, I thought I would be okay with that.  Now, I know that I was kidding myself. 
I've come across several surrogacy boards that I enjoy following and participating in.  The majority of the time the matches are great and you get to witness really amazing bonds form that I can really relate to.  Unfortunately, I've also witnessed matches that weren't so great and the surro is left feeling very hurt and for lack of better words "used and forgotten".  I want to believe with all my heart that it's never intentional.  It just happens.  The "process" is completed, baby is delivered, and contact is almost completely severed. 
I will forever be grateful for the IPs the hubs and I were given.  After birth, we will continue our journey and relationship for the rest of our lives.  This is the gift that they have given me.  The ability to watch Graham grow, laugh, walk, start school, graduate, marry, etc, etc, etc!  The list is endless and it's truly a gift that keeps on giving.   
E&G remind me daily in all the texts, emails, pics, and even letters how amazing our relationship really is.  I've never felt like anything less than their friend...actually it's more than that.  They have made us feel like family.  I received the following letter in the mail yesterday and it's the most amazing letter I've ever received.  I was torn on whether to laugh or cry as I read it.  I knew I had to share it, it's too good not to! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello, Monday!

Friday went well.  It was a pretty uneventful appointment.  I drank the magic juice, waited about 30 minutes, got weighed in, visited with Dr R, then waited a little longer for my blood draw.  Then on my way I went.

Dr R was a little shocked by the 10 lb weight gain over the past 4 weeks.  However, he said he wasn't overly concerned about it since I've been doing really well overall with my weight gain.  I, on the other hand, took it really hard.  While I haven't gone up in clothing size just yet I could tell things are starting to get tighter.  My tops, those made sense, my belly is growing.  My pants, well that's just plain upsetting.  Ugh.  This is going to be my heaviest pregnancy yet.  My final weight with my youngest was a little over 160.  I'm at 160 now with another 12 weeks to go! 

I'm really happy to share that "mom & dad" gave me the okay to start referring to the little man by name on my blog.  So here it is, his name....Graham.  How sweet is that?  We're currenly referring to him as Lil' Graham Cracker.  Lil' Graham Cracker woke me in the middle of the night last night.  He was awake and very active.  It's hard to sleep when he's throwing punches and kicks nonstop.  That combined with my back being really torqued last night, my sleep wasn't so hot.

Very excited to have a very short 3 day work week then off for 4 days with the fam.  So much to be thankful for this friends, new family and new life!  We are blessed.   

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lots of Changes

Here's what things should look very similar to right now (at 26 weeks).  The flexibility of a baby in utero is amazing.  I'm feeling more pressure in the pelvic region but I'm not convinced he's moved to a head up or down position just yet.  I'm sure my doctor will be able to confirm that tomorrow at the appointment.  The last website I visited said he should be a little over 2 lbs now.  The contractions are still happening.  They're not really painful but I have noticed they're a lot more crampy than they used to be.  I have to really relax through them.  It's great practice though and nothing really to complain about.
His movements and kicks are getting much stronger.  Are you curious to what it feels like?  Make a fist with one hand. Take those knuckles and press them into the palm of your other hand then move your knuckles up and down across the palm.  That's about as close I can get to replicating the feeling.  It's a very boney, tickly feeling.  They're no longer soft, fluttery feelings.  I can feel his bones (more than likely his elbows, knees and feet) pushing and rubbing all over my belly.  He sure does love my right side.  I always feel the most movements over there.  He likes to tuck right up towards the bottom of my right ribcage.  Sometimes I have to massage the spot gently to kindly encourage him to relocate. 
I had a serious case of heartburn after lunch today but it only lasted about 15 minutes.  Thank goodness!!  It was painful.  I really hope it was just a case of eating too quickly and not a sign of what is to come in the third trimester. 
Another change I've noticed lately is my hands are swelling some.  It's not noticeable by sight but it took all the force I had to get my wedding rings on this morning.  D told me to give up before I hurt my finger but I feel naked without them.  The rings are a must.  Once they're on they're comfortable so I may start leaving them on at night to avoid the whole forceful process.
Looking forward to another smooth doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Another Monday...

NOT a very flattering photo but it really shows how big my belly is getting. 

The photo uploader isn't cooperating today.  I tried multiple times to rotate the pic below but it just isn't happening.  Oh well. 

It's the little things in D & I's relationship that mean the most to me.  I found this sweet message waiting for me this morning.  Love that man!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 26

Did you know yesterday was National Kindness Day?  I really did have all kinds of ideas of how I could perform a RAK (Random Act of Kindness).  It started out a really great day.  My mood was chipper and the sun was shining.  I dropped the kids off at school then this happened...
The darn thing came out of nowhere.  The only time I actually saw him was when we went looking for him to make sure he wasn't suffering somewhere.  I was very fortunate that he didn't run in front of me so there wasn't a forceful jerk forward from impact.  He actually ran into the side of my car right by the tire then bounced back into the median.  It was incredibly loud and startled me for sure but I was shocked at how I didn't really feel any impact.  The car or tire took it all and I didn't even leave my lane.  My seatbelt didn't lock up either so no worries about the little guy.  I immediately pulled over and I may have called my darling hubby in a little bit of a panic because I really wasn't sure what just happened.  I mean, I knew it had to have been a deer but when you don't see it or expect it, it leaves you a little confused and scared.  He came to my rescue and the process of operation "adapt and overcome" began. 
Now back to the surrogacy....
Here's a pic I took last night for comparison.  I have a lot of people already asking how much longer I have because it looks like I'm getting close.  Little do they know I have 3 months still.  My belly will slowly start to turn into a cone shape if history repeats itself.  My son's classmate happens to live across the street from us and he rang our doorbell last night to tell me, "My mom wants to know how long before the baby comes.  I mean how long before he goes to the other place".  It was too cute.   
I took this pic also for a little face comparison.  It's usually the final few months that my face starts to get puffy and by 9 months I'll look like I'm having a mild allergic reaction to a bee sting.  I asked D if he saw it happening yet and he said no.  So, I made this little comparision and we all got a little reality check from it.  Well, D and the kids got a good laugh.  It has begun. 

P.S.  I bet you're wondering what Cry Baby Hill means.  It's the bicycle race that the hubs went to in Oklahoma the day I was in the IP's state for the embryo transfer.  The shirt is my souvenir from the hubs.  It's my favorite t-shirt (not to mention one of the few t-shirts I have that will still fit comfortably).

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 25

Hmmm..what to type about?  Nothing has really changed from last week.  The belly is growing which also means the little guy is growing.  I realize my gender guess was wrong so this guess will probably be wrong as well, BUT, I'm guessing he's going to be a little on the bigger size and want to come out a little early.  I'm not sure how much more my belly can actually stretch but I guess I'm about to find out. 

Next appointment is Nov 22nd to do the fabulous glucose test.  I have to drink a cupful of a liquid  that tastes like carbonless orange soda.  It's super sweet and not so great.  They have you drink it then sit in the waiting area for an hour before they can draw your blood.  They're checking for gestational diabetes.  I've never had any issues in the past so I'm assuming I won't this time either.

Week 28 THIRD TRIMESTER!!! is just around the corner. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

What Does the Hubs Say?

I feel like I should start a self help book for men whose wives are pregnant.  The idea hit me when the hubs made another one of his unintentionally insulting remarks.  I was trying to put my socks on and having a hard time reaching my feet.  Noticing my struggle he says, "Just imagine what it will feel like to be skinny again."  Seriously!!!  All I heard was, "man you're fat right now".  Nice one, dear.

The best part is watching him back pedal and stumble over his words when he realizes what he's just implied.  I'm fortunate enough to have a very playful, fun relationship with the hubs and we're able to laugh off just about anything.  So no, I didn't blacken his eye but I'm pretty certain he will think a little harder before he speaks next time.

But seriously, I'm going to try to keep track of all the things people say to me before thinking.  The filter must go out the window when talking to a pregnant woman.  Yes, I know I'm big.  Yes, it's slightly odd for a complete stranger to rub my belly.  Friends and family I do not mind, these are people I would hug anyway, so what's a little belly rub?  No biggie. 

And of course E&G get a free pass.  They can ask/say whatever they want and I would never be offended...(perks of being little man's mom & dad).   

* Edited *

I typed the above entry, logged out, and walked next door to grab some paperwork for payroll.  I kid you not, the very first words out of a male co-worker's mouth were, and I quote, "Well hello, pot belly".  Followed by laughter.  I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!!

What is wrong with people?!!