Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lots of Changes

Here's what things should look very similar to right now (at 26 weeks).  The flexibility of a baby in utero is amazing.  I'm feeling more pressure in the pelvic region but I'm not convinced he's moved to a head up or down position just yet.  I'm sure my doctor will be able to confirm that tomorrow at the appointment.  The last website I visited said he should be a little over 2 lbs now.  The contractions are still happening.  They're not really painful but I have noticed they're a lot more crampy than they used to be.  I have to really relax through them.  It's great practice though and nothing really to complain about.
His movements and kicks are getting much stronger.  Are you curious to what it feels like?  Make a fist with one hand. Take those knuckles and press them into the palm of your other hand then move your knuckles up and down across the palm.  That's about as close I can get to replicating the feeling.  It's a very boney, tickly feeling.  They're no longer soft, fluttery feelings.  I can feel his bones (more than likely his elbows, knees and feet) pushing and rubbing all over my belly.  He sure does love my right side.  I always feel the most movements over there.  He likes to tuck right up towards the bottom of my right ribcage.  Sometimes I have to massage the spot gently to kindly encourage him to relocate. 
I had a serious case of heartburn after lunch today but it only lasted about 15 minutes.  Thank goodness!!  It was painful.  I really hope it was just a case of eating too quickly and not a sign of what is to come in the third trimester. 
Another change I've noticed lately is my hands are swelling some.  It's not noticeable by sight but it took all the force I had to get my wedding rings on this morning.  D told me to give up before I hurt my finger but I feel naked without them.  The rings are a must.  Once they're on they're comfortable so I may start leaving them on at night to avoid the whole forceful process.
Looking forward to another smooth doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. 

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  1. I would just leave the rings off. There have been many women that have to have rings cut off because they swell so much. Maybe find a bigger cheap ring to substitute until the rings fit on again?