Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 26

Did you know yesterday was National Kindness Day?  I really did have all kinds of ideas of how I could perform a RAK (Random Act of Kindness).  It started out a really great day.  My mood was chipper and the sun was shining.  I dropped the kids off at school then this happened...
The darn thing came out of nowhere.  The only time I actually saw him was when we went looking for him to make sure he wasn't suffering somewhere.  I was very fortunate that he didn't run in front of me so there wasn't a forceful jerk forward from impact.  He actually ran into the side of my car right by the tire then bounced back into the median.  It was incredibly loud and startled me for sure but I was shocked at how I didn't really feel any impact.  The car or tire took it all and I didn't even leave my lane.  My seatbelt didn't lock up either so no worries about the little guy.  I immediately pulled over and I may have called my darling hubby in a little bit of a panic because I really wasn't sure what just happened.  I mean, I knew it had to have been a deer but when you don't see it or expect it, it leaves you a little confused and scared.  He came to my rescue and the process of operation "adapt and overcome" began. 
Now back to the surrogacy....
Here's a pic I took last night for comparison.  I have a lot of people already asking how much longer I have because it looks like I'm getting close.  Little do they know I have 3 months still.  My belly will slowly start to turn into a cone shape if history repeats itself.  My son's classmate happens to live across the street from us and he rang our doorbell last night to tell me, "My mom wants to know how long before the baby comes.  I mean how long before he goes to the other place".  It was too cute.   
I took this pic also for a little face comparison.  It's usually the final few months that my face starts to get puffy and by 9 months I'll look like I'm having a mild allergic reaction to a bee sting.  I asked D if he saw it happening yet and he said no.  So, I made this little comparision and we all got a little reality check from it.  Well, D and the kids got a good laugh.  It has begun. 

P.S.  I bet you're wondering what Cry Baby Hill means.  It's the bicycle race that the hubs went to in Oklahoma the day I was in the IP's state for the embryo transfer.  The shirt is my souvenir from the hubs.  It's my favorite t-shirt (not to mention one of the few t-shirts I have that will still fit comfortably).

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