Monday, January 6, 2014

7 weeks to go!

Another not so flattering photo but here's what 33 weeks looks like...  
The biggest change I've noticed (besides my size) is that my hunger seems to be tapering off somewhat.  That's not to say I don't eat a lot, it's just starting to slow down.  The mid-morning snacks are no longer necessary nor am I craving them.  Especially when I'm at work.   I'm distracted and I feel full.  If I'm sitting on my butt at home, that's when I tend to end out of boredom and not so much out of hunger.
I'm focusing more and more on eating healthier snacks and meals.  Not just for my sake but for my family as well.  I've started removing the unhealthy items from our grocery list and replacing them with better options.  I know from experience that if there isn't a good, tasty replacement that we I will resort back to the unhealthy choice. 
As of January 1st, I stopped drinking pop, or sooooda as D prefers to call it.  Do I think I'll go the entire year without drinking pop, no, but it's going to be my "treat" item on rare occassion that we may go to a pizza shop or the like.  Who can eat pizza without pop?! 

Just 7 short weeks left until we hit the EDD (expected due date).  As most of you probably know, the EDD is rarely ever the day the baby is actually born.  It could be sooner, it could be later, only time will tell.  I have another OB visit tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty sure he'll just check the heart rate, my weight, blood pressure and send me on my way.  It's my guess that he'll start doing internal exams, to check for dilation, starting next month. 

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