Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wrapping Up the First

Here's a photo taken today at 11 weeks.  Little bit of a baby bump going on.  That makes us just 7 days shy of 2nd trimester.  I wish I could say it's just flyin by but the reality of it is, it isn't.  As I get more uncomfortable, it gets tougher mentally.  Adding to that is knowing I won't deliver until 2014.  Please don't mistake my ramblings as regret because I have none.  I went into this knowing that I'd walk away with tremendous personal growth (and no, not literally) what I didn't expect was the relationships that have developed.  I see great things coming in the future for both of our families.  Something far beyond forty gestational weeks.      

I shared the news with everyone at work last week and the responses have been incredibly warm and supportive.  When I say "I shared" I really mean I told my boss and let him share with everyone.  He was able to do it in a tactful, "oh by the way, Jennifer..." manner.  Glad to have that weight off my shoulders.  I guess I'm officially "public" now.             

I just received the best news today!  It's been a battle getting my most recent bloodwork results from one doctor to another.  I am so fortunate to have a very persistent IM.  She called the nurse, on her day off, on her cell, and got the answers we've been waiting for.   I am now MED FREE!!!  Hubs said I should celebrate by buying him lunch...how lucky am I?! ;)          

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