Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 15 Begins...

I guess it's about time for another photo update.  The bump is getting larger and Baby "B" appears to be getting larger as well.  I really need to come up with a better name than Baby "B" but for now that will have to do.  He/She should be about the size of a naval orange now.  Things are starting to get squished and shift around accordingly.  Lots of soreness and irritation going on in my back as well. 

I've started to surrender to maternity clothes.  It's been tough finding ones that aren't either A) ugly as sin or B) outrageously pricey.  I took my chances on ordering some online from Burlington Coat Factory.  They were pretty inexpensive so I may end up getting exactly what I paid for.  I also received a few items from a couple really good friends.  One just had her little one, the other is due on my birthday!       
The fluttery feelings of movement have started.  I don't think I would have recognized them this soon if it were my first time being pregnant.
The IP's and I are pretty much staying in contact daily.  Not a lot to text about right now but it is nice to hear and see how they're doing.  We've been exchanging a lot of photos lately.  It's pretty neat to put faces to names now.  I'm really hoping to meet a lot of them in person.
With the kids starting school and my other business needing a lot of attention right now, my focus has been pulled elsewhere.  It's been such a blessing too as it's made the whole month of August really fly by.  As weird as this may sound I don't want this surrogacy to consume my thoughts and time too much.  Once the baby comes I don't want there to be this shock of "now what do I do with myself".  I don't want it to become such a focus for me now that I don't know how to focus my thoughts and energy afterwards.  I welcome all the distractions at this point.  To be honest, the only person I talk about the surrogacy with is the hubs or the IP's.  Outside of that I don't talk about it much at all to anyone else.  I enjoy just leading my normal life as if I wasn't carrying a child for another couple.  I enjoy being seen as "me".     



  1. You are doing great! Maybe ask what IP's are "calling" baby B, and then you can call it that too?