Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beginning week 17...

Symptoms:  winded all.the.time, headaches are still lingering around, lots of pressure in the lower rib cage area (and pretty much everywhere else) from things stretching/shifting upward, my energy is finally back as well as my appetite

The IP's started the ball rolling on the parentage agreement.  Not sure what all it will include but the main purpose is to establish who the legal parents are upon birth which has and always will be E&G.  So many legal documents to get in order before their baby arrives.  Luckily for D and I, the majority of the work is on their end (because currently our my nights are being consumed with 8th grade Algebra and Language Arts).  We just have to review and sign.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I would like for things to play out on the day of delivery.  I'm hesitant on getting too much of an idea of how it will be for fear of disappointment if things go a different direction.  It will no doubt be an intense day full of emotions and worries.  I would love to capture it in photos.  One thing is for sure though, recovery and relaxation are at the top of my list and everything else can wait.  


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