Monday, September 23, 2013

Today's OB appt

Just got back from another good checkup.  I've gained 6 lbs in 5 weeks bringing my weight to 144 lbs.  My blood pressure is at it's normal low of 110/72.  They drew blood to check on my thyroid.  I had issues once (pre-pregnancy) and I guess pregnancy can mess with it as well so they're checking to be safe.  I've been extremely worried lately about the lack of movement I've felt the past weeks from baby B.  My worries were put to rest when he found the heartbeat without too much effort.  Baby B is at 148 bpm, a good solid rate!  My biggest hindrance right now is the difficulty in breathing.  I lose my breath on the smallest of tasks.  It's bothersome.  Just a few weeks before the transfer I was running jogging a couple miles here and there.  Now, I can't even walk one flight of stairs without being completely winded.  I'm not even all that large in the belly yet!  All of the normal day to day tasks are much more of a challenge now.  I'm still trying to get adjusted to my new round shape.

IP's let the cat out of the bag over the weekend and told their parents they're expecting.  Incredibly happy for them.  I was told it was a pretty emotional day.  It sounds like a meeting of the grandparents is in our future now as well.  D & I are feeling so very blessed!        

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