Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

I feel like I should be updating this more often but to be completely honest, I'm not sure what to post.  Things are rolling right along and no issues other than recurring UTI's...and sleep has become an issue as well.  Lots of tossing and turning, bathroom breaks, hot flashes, switching ends of the bed.  I told DH that while hopsitals aren't the best place to be, I am really looking forward to that first night of sleep after I deliver.  I can't recall what a full, uniterrupted night's sleep is like. 

I've reached the stage where there is no doubt (by sight) I'm very much pregnant.  It's always rough going through the phase where people aren't sure if you're pregnant or you've started packing on some extra unwanted pounds.  It does a little number on your self esteem.  Escpecially when all I see on FB anymore is everyone participating in 5k's, kickboxing, cycle classes, etc.  At this moment in time, I'd just appreciate not getting so winded when I walk.  Not a huge request, right? 

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