Monday, September 30, 2013

My old friend Keflex

Looks like another UTI.  Blah.  All is good though, I started the Keflex on Friday and already feel so much better.  I am feeling lots of movement and kicks from Baby B.  I am hoping that they'll get strong enough for E&G to feel when they arrive in a few weeks for the sonogram.  D and I finally made the switch to a king sized bed (but unfortunately it's on order) and last night we sold our queen bed leaving us without a bed to sleep on.  He took the couch and I used J's trundle bed.  Needless to say our sleep was horrible.  My back was so torqued.  Crossing my fingers that the new bed shows up this week.  We also added a little color to the bedroom :)  It looks a little blue but it's actually gray.

My waddle has started.  D claims it started a long time ago but I've just now started to notice it myself.  I found myself on my closet floor this morning laughing at myself as I tried to put on my shoes.  I'm not all that large as of yet but that hump sure gets in the way of bending at the waist.  I could barely reach my feet.  It's all starting to progress so quickly and I can't always grasp the changes as quickly as they occur.  In one week this journey will be halfway over!  Well, I guess I should say the pregnancy will be halfway over.  The journey is something that I will continue to carry with me throughout my life. 

P.S.   D has been working really hard lately on building his own bike.  (Cycling is his other love)  He's blogging the process if you're curious to follow:   He is extremely gifted when it comes to making things.  He's built so many things for our home as well.  When he puts his mind to something he stops at nothing less than the best.   

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