Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On a Roll

Two posts in a row, this could be a new record for me!

Last night in casual conversation I asked C if anyone has asked him yet if his mom is pregnant.  I wasn't too surprised when he responded yes.  Of course I then had to ask what his repsonse was.  The conversation went something like this (keep in mind C is a teenager):

Me:  So, has anyone asked if your mom is pregnant?
C:    Yea, "J" asked me if you were having a baby or something.
Me:  Haha.  So what did you say?
C:    Well, I said yea
Me:  Is he wondering if it's your sibling?
C:    Yea, he asked if it was my little brother or sister
Me:  Well, how did you answer that?
C:     I just said well, it's sorta complicated
Me:  And you left it at that?!
C:     Yea

Heaven only knows what his friend is thinking!  I think it's time to start explaining things to more people.  Even J's best buddy's mom has given me the look of "are you?" but hasn't asked the question yet.  I guess I just assumed people would ask and then I would share my story.  It hasn't happened that way AT ALL. 

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