Monday, October 28, 2013

Sonogram Update

Well here HE is, in all his glory.  I still can't get over how cool it is to be able to say HE! He wasn't a bit shy.  Ultrasounds have come so far.  We saw so much more than D & I did 9 years ago with our youngest.  The tech zoomed in on his carotid artery, brain, heart, tiny little ribcage, and lots of other really cool stuff.  The image of his foot had to be my favorite.  He was a very active little guy that weighs over a pound now.  
I may have let out a little yelp of excitement when the tech scanned the baby for gender.  She didn't even have to be the one to tell everyone.  It was as clear as can be.  There was a tiny part of me that was really hoping for a boy for E&G.  I know I'm biased but I think little boys are so much fun.  They're full of personality and energy.  I also loved the idea of their little one carrying on G's family name as well as being the first grandson!
He is measuring in a week ahead of our Feb 27th date but my doctor said it wasn't a signicant enough change to warrant changing the due date.  Had he chosen to, it would now be Feb 20th.  As long as he's healthy and fully developed, sooner would be great.  If I remember correctly the dr also said that if around 37 weeks I'm starting to show signs of progress he will go ahead and schedule an inducement at 39 weeks. 
My weight is up to 150 lbs and dr seemed pleased with it.  The leg cramps I've been experiencing (in the middle of the night) are a symptom of pregnancy and he suggested compression socks and elevating my feet in the evenings.  The Braxton Hicks contractions are still coming and going with no pain or consistency.  Luckily no swelling in my feet at this point.
Overall, it was a great day with E&G and it was incredibly sad to see them leave.  D even admitted to how much he already missed them.  I look forward to reconnecting with them again before delivery day.  These two people have such a special place in our hearts.  They'll never know how much they've changed our lives and shown us a whole new kind of love.  A kind of love that very few people will get the opportunity to experience.   

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