Thursday, October 24, 2013

They're coming to town!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!  Well, not the BIG day but it's sonogram time!  So excited to have E&G coming to the appointment and most importantly finally meeting the hubs in person.  He comes off as quite the sarcastic person, and believe me he is, but I think people are surprised at how shy he can be in person.  Same goes for me. 

So, our day starts with a labor & delivery tour as well as a little paperwork.  I imagine it'll be a good Q&A session as well since the hospital hasn't had a surrogate deliver there before (that they can recall).  So cool that we'll get to be the first!  I'm all about coloring outside the lines and getting off the beaten path. 

Later on in the afternoon is the big sonogram.  Boy?? Girl??  Throw your guesses in now!  I've been leaning towards a girl but it's purely a guess, an uneducated guess at that.  I know they're going to be thrilled either way so it's a win-win scenario.  I'm anxious to see exactly how big Baby B is right now.  The dr gave me us an expected due date of Feb 27th but knowing the exact transfer date it would actually put us at Feb 25th, I think. 

And finally, after the sonogram, E&G will get to meet my dr for the first time.  There's never any guarantee that he'll be the one to deliver but I've been very fortunate.  He was on call when both of my boys were born.  I'm hoping for the same luck this time around.

I look forward to updating the results soon!  Hang tight.


  1. Kinda funny that it is almost another Leap Baby!! I say GIRL! How exciting!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Les! She likes delivering at the end of Feb.