Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 24

I'm working on convincing D to do a posting on this blog.  I think it would be great for others to hear his perspective on everything.  He has his hands full with his current hobby and blog right now so it may take a lot of encouragement but I'm not giving up! 

During the ultrasound they discovered the placenta is sitting right up front, directly behind my belly button.  It made sense of the weird kicks I've been feeling in that area.  They're nothing like the other kicks.  Imagine laying on a water bed and someone is on the under side of the water filled section kicking it.  It doesn't feel like a direct jab.  It's more of a spread out rippling effect.  It's dispersed like an echo in a tunnel.  Therefore, I feel it not in one specific spot but sort of all over the front. 

I made it through the night without the leg cramps!  I celebrate the small victories ;)

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