Saturday, March 1, 2014


Obviously plans changed a bit since the last time I posted.  On Tuesday I went in for pre-op bloodwork and a quick visit with my doctor.  He wanted check one last time for position and dilation before we proceeded with the C-section on Wednesday.  To his surprise, and mine, Graham had flipped.  He was now head down so the C-section was cancelled.  However, I was still not dilating so he wouldn't schedule the induction either.  His order was for me to go home and wait.  Great news wrapped in upsetting news. 

Yesterday, I had a non-stress test that went well.  Graham is doing great and just chilling out.  I didn't see my doctor though.  I'm on schedule to return for another non-stress test on Monday morning followed by a visit with my doctor. 

The plus side of all of this...our family is getting to spend some great, quality time with Graham's mom and dad.  We even had the privilege of meeting his grandpa.  Such great people! 

I'm trying my best to remain patient but it's driving my crazy not knowing just when he's going to decide "now is the time".  It's weird knowing it could be minutes from now, hours, or possibly even days.  We're so very close but have a little more waiting.  It's okay though, we know it'll be absolutely worth it!   

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