Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Be Still

I am reminded daily that words come so freely to me.  I often speak off emotions and do not take the time to be silent and process my thoughts and feelings.  Only after I have spoken do I stop to question whether my words or actions bring glory to Him.  When a text is sent, it's often out of hurry and the quicker I can type and get my message sent, the better.  Yet again, only after I have hit the send button do I stop to read over my message.  More times than not, it's full of typos and errors and perhaps even filled with words I regret having used.  Today I pray that you, Lord, will help me to strengthen my patience in this area.  Please let the words of my mouth become a direct reflection of the meditation of my heart.  Let me be still when I am eager to react.  Let your mercy be an example to me daily.  Draw me near, Lord.       

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