Wednesday, March 27, 2013


His love is that deep and pure.  As I draw closer to Jesus and seek a deeper relationship with the Lord, sin has become so much easier to see.  It is everywhere.  Right and wrong are so very distinguished from one another.  While, it tempts me daily I continue to grow stronger.  I awake each morning feeling cleansed and refreshed.  Each night I confess my sins and shortcomings to Him and He listens.  Of course He already knows where I've fallen short, but He seeks to hear me acknowledge and be accountable for my sins.  If I come to Him with a pure heart and seek forgiveness He will always be there for me.  He washes & He cleanses.  Not because I have earned this...He does it because He loves me.  He loves us so much that He spared us of what we deserved.   

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