Thursday, March 7, 2013


Numerous times I have sung this song and every time I wonder the meaning of this line.  How could God be "jealous for me"?  What does this mean??  It's we as mortal people that have taken this word and made it an unpleasant thing.  The world jealous instantly brings to mind the color green, the desire to want what someone else has.  No one wants this word to be used in the same sentence as their name...except for God.  God's jealousy is a strong desire to protect the relationship and love that only He has and can provide.  I can't even begin to put a finger on or wrap my mind around the instense desire He has for a relationship with me, a mere dirty sinner.  I will never be worthy of this relationship.  Yet, He continues daily to protect and nurture my desire to seek Him daily.   

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