Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Not a lot to report on the surrogacy homefront.  The estradiol stopped the lupron headaches which I am so very thankful for.  You haven't had a real headache until you've had a lupron headache! 
We spent the weekend doing the things we love.  I worked on the garden a little.   It's been a real learning process for me.  We've had gardens before but the DH (darling hubby) did most of the work.  I've become very hands on with it this time and it's really given me a lot of pride in it as well.  Did you know radishes have to be 2 inches apart or they won't "fatten up"?  They'll grow all crowded together but you won't realize there's nothing going on under the dirt.  I've been working on thinning them out and I think I may finally have the right spacing because they're starting to head up and show themselves.  
DH finished up a little project he's been working on.  He cleaned up the overcrowded garage, built a large wall unit/storage cabinet and painted the garage a fresh lime green color.  It's amazing what a little bit of paint can do.
It was Faith and Family day at Royals stadium and the perfect opportunity to take in our first game of the season.  Too bad they didn't pull out the win.  After the game we had the pleasure of watching the Dave Crowder band perform.  The kids were getting pretty restless so we were only able to catch a couple songs but all in all it was a great day with our kiddos.

DH also managed to squeeze in a bike race on Sunday before we were off to a pool party.  It was so nice to have a local race that the kids and I could attend and cheer him on.  It had a pretty nice turn out and was a spectator friendly course. 

And this is how we finished off the weekend.  We're in the process of doing a little landscaping.  The yard is currently very plain and needs some color.

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