Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Friday!!

I decided to snap a little before pic so I can document my progress through pictures.  The DH snapped this one for me.  This pic uploader is not cooperating with me today.  I can't get the pic to turn even though it's saved correctly.  Sorry, guess you'll have to tilt your head ;)
Here's the ultrasound photo.  Some "been there done that" surrogates told me the prime thickness of the linings is somewhere between 8-13mm and mine are sitting around 6mm so they may be making a change to my meds.  I won't know until the RE office reviews the results.  They drew blood again...I wasn't expecting it, but you get used to being poked with needles as a surrogate.

Funny thing happened on my drive back home.  The clinic was about an hour and 20 minutes away and I was getting pretty hungry so I ran through a drive through for breakfast.  As I'm on the interstate eating my bacon, egg and cheese biscuit a semi starts passing me on the left.  I take a peek to see what sort of livestock he has in his load and at first glance it appears empty but then there it is...a tiny little pig snout pokes out.  He was hauling a semi full of tiny little piglets.  They were the cutest little things too!  So there I am admiring the little piglets, munching on a bacon biscuit :-p

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