Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Gift.

It still amazes me daily what we learn from the most painful situations in life.  Whether it be death, divorce, loss a of job, infidelity...whatever the case may be, they hurt.  They hurt on a level that can shatter the strongest of hearts.  It takes us to a place that feels so deep and so heavy, as if at any second you could break.  We've all been there.  Some more often than others.  

This pain has once again seeped it's way into our lives.  It hit close to home.  Our story, our pain, our trials are unfolding before our eyes, only to someone else.  The words "break my heart for what breaks yours" have never been so clear to me as it was in the moment the news was released.

Words are simply words right now.  They can bring a temporary smile.  They can help you muster the strength to pull yourself out of bed in the morning.  They can provide love and comfort to distract.  What they cannot do is take away the sting of those words.  Those very words of, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you".  They cannot rid you of the darkness.

Darkness is a crazy little thing.  It can either rock your faith or strengthen it OR in my case, help you find it.  My darkness left me reaching for something to cling to. Something to keep afloat.  My darkness led me to Christ.  My darkness was my gift.  

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