Thursday, February 6, 2014

37+ weeks

So now what?  We simply wait.

We optimistically go about planning our weekly lives as if Graham will not becoming this week, or today for that matter.  Although it makes me nervous to commit to much of anything this month, I've somehow managed to commit to numerous activities in February.  The bright side is it will keep me distracted until delivery day.

Sunday will be J's celebration.  Little man is turning 9.  My baby is celebrating his birth. 

Just last night I pulled out his baby book and took a little trip down memory lane.  I've always been a little confused as to what his actual due date was (time and kids will do that to your memory).  J was due on February 16th but, as we found out, that was not the day he was to arrive.  He made his grand entrance at 12:03 in the morning on February 19th.  He was the sweetest, most perfect addition to our little family.  At that very moment I knew I was in trouble.  This little guy immediately entangled himself tightly around my heart.  To this very day he still knows how to pull at my heart strings and draw sympathy from his mom.  He is a very affectionate child and doesn't let a day go by without showing his love.  He loves his morning hugs, goodbyes and affirmations.  He insists on bedtime hugs, sharing of his day, and family hugs (all of which we're more than happy to oblige).  His personality is beyond this world.  One second sweet, calm and loving and the next...the biggest curmudgeon you've ever met.  But, that's what makes little J who he is.  That's what fills our hearts. 

He is our little curmudgeon and on February 19, 2005 he completed our family.       

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