Tuesday, February 11, 2014

38 Weeks

I just finished completing the hospital birth plan this afternoon.  It involved a lot of questions about my wishes before, during and after delivery.  Such as...
  • Who gets to be present during birth?
  • Who gets to hold baby first?
  • Do you want to see the baby after birth?
  • Who do you want to cut the cord?
  • Do you want the baby and parents allowed in your room?
To be honest, the only questions I feel I should have say so in are the ones concerning my care but that's not quite the way it works.  The hospital sees the woman that delivers as the decision maker until they get legal papers in their hands telling them otherwise. 
Luckily D & I have had great communication with Graham's mom and dad so we know what their wishes are and those are the ones we will respect.  My "go to line" if the nurses ask me questions about Graham is going to be, "I'm not sure, you should probably ask his mom and dad" and I will take such pleasure from those words.  I know they're eager to take over their role as mom and dad and the hubs and I are going to be so full of joy as we sit back and observe. 
I don't know that either of us could have guessed what surrogacy would require of us emotionally and/or physically but we do know this...it has taught us so much about ourselves and about love.  In the process I hope that it has also taught our sons a thing or two as well about God's love.

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