Sunday, February 23, 2014

Going The Distance

I'm that lady.  No matter how many prior pregnancies I've had, I will go the full 40 weeks each time. 

I've been having pretty good headaches the past couple of days.  The kind where I have to shut off the lights and find a really quiet spot to ride it out.  The headache meds have been helping but not completely.  My ankles are swelling too when I'm on my feet too much.  My energy level has really declined as well.  I'm sure somehow, someway it's just my body responding to the 40 week mark.  I keep pushing the fluids and I try to stay off my feet for the most part but with two kids to tend to it's a challenge at times.  I'm fortunate that they're old enough to do things for themselves, it's just they don't always want to...we're working on that.

I'm squeezing in one last birthday party tonight for C, our first born and also our leap baby.  We typically celebrate on the 28th when it's not a leap year but it looks like I will be in the hospital on his birthday.  He's being a really good sport about it though.  He never makes much a of fuss about his birthday even though we love too. 

It's hard for the hubs and I to grasp the fact that we have a 14 year old.  When he came into this world we were two very scared, inexperienced parents.  What we didn't know was just how amazing he would make our lives.  He lit a fire in both of us that led us to some really great accomplishments.  We wanted to give our sweet baby boy the best life ever.  My hope for him is that someday when he's grown and raising a family of his own he too will experience the same.  I look forward to sharing with him how much sweeter he made our lives the very minute he entered this world. 

Happy 14th Birthday, son!  We love you.

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