Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Little Update

Well, I had my first official episode of throwing up.  Although I don't think it technically counts since I accidentally gagged myself with my toothbrush this morning initiating the episode.  I'm extremely anal about brushing my tongue really well when I brush my teeth.  My stomach wasn't feeling great and that's all it took.  I couldn't stop it.  It's weird how great you feel right after though.  It's been a rollercoaster of good and bad days.  Sunday was horrible but yet Monday was great.  It's a crap shoot really on how I'll feel each day.  I've hit 8 weeks so I'm hoping things will start to settle down now that I'm getting closer to 2nd trimester.   

I've been having some issues with getting meds refilled.  It seems like every week I'm running out of something and the insurance company is giving me issues.  The RE told me to increase my dosage. However, the written prescription says I'm not taking as much as I actually am.  Therefore, the insurance company thinks I'm going through it too fast and won't refill before a certain time frame.  So a little lesson to all, if your doctor increases your meds, get it in writing.  Time is the of the essence and we couldn't wait for it all to get straightened out.  IP's ended up having to pay out of pocket over $100 for a med that would cost $28 if my insurance would have covered the refill.     

A few days ago the kiddos went to their yearly summer camp with their grandma and cousins. The little one made it two nights before calling us last night crying and wanting to come home. According to his gma he "missed his dad and his dog". Awesome, mom didn't make the list. :-/   Now we're having to do a little shifting around of schedules as we are without a sitter until Thursday and we didn't expect to need one this week.

The hubs and I did manage to squeeze in date night while the kids were gone. We went to see World War Z. If you enjoy The Walking Dead then you'll enjoy this movie even more. It was pretty scary.  Picture "walkers" that are runners...FAST runners. The boys are wanting to see it but we thought it was best to check it out before letting them watch. Good thing too! The little one wouldn't have made it past the first 10-15 minutes.  I think I was able to talk him out of wanting to see it.  He doesn't care much for scary.  I don't blame him!

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