Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Doc is In

Ultrasound has been scheduled for July 9th. 

I woke this morning feeling great.  So great that it actually worries me.  I don't feel bloated, stomach is fairly normal and I slept really good last night.  What happened to my symptoms??  I was sharing my fears with the hubs and his words were exactly what I needed to hear --------------------------------->
Did I mention how amazing he's been through this journey?  He left me the sweetest, and totally unexpected, card in my car this morning.  Words will never express enough how supportive, patient and loving he has been.  Surrogacy isn't just a journey for the carrier, it's a journey for her entire family.  My family has made sacrifices as well but the hubs, he's the MVP in my book.  He picks up the slack when I'm ill or absent.  He listens to all my ramblings.  He gets me back on track when he's sees I'm running astray.  He keeps me humble.
***A special Happy Birthday to my SIL, Dan-O!***   

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