Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ultrasound today!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated.  There's just not a whole lot going on right now.  Still battling nausea.  It's getting better though.  I'm learning what helps and what makes it worse.  This afternoon is my first ultrasound.  I'm nervous, excited and scared.  So many emotions.  My biggest fear is to receive bad news and have to relay that on to E&G.  I cannot even fathom how painfully difficult that would be.  I'm remaining optimistic that there's one beautiful, healthy little heart pumping away.  On the downside of things I am certain I've had a UTI for the past few days and I know that it's because of the lack of fluids I've been able to consume lately.  I'm having a hard time stomaching drinks.  I did figure out yesterday that diluted brewed iced tea settles very well.  What does not settle well (why I had to actually try it to figure it out I will blame on preg brain, because no one in their right mind would attempt this combo)  is a bowl of ice cream followed up by pickles.  I was miserable after that bright move. 

OooH OooH...I have really great news to share.  Remember Andy...Darrel's bestie (prob not too manly to say bestie huh?) well, he's headed to St Louis in 2 weeks to try out for The Voice!  He called last night to share the news.  So very excited for him and praying that his heart pours out during his vocals.  He's a fantastic singer, songwriter and has a heart that is on fire for God.  If you missed it, I posted a short clip of him singing in my June 4th post.  If you could lift up an extra prayer for him it would be much appreciated.

To Be Continued....

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  1. Let us know how the US goes! I am excited to hear. Sorry you have been feeling so bad. DON'T get yourself dehydrated. That will make you feel even worse. Maybe since you are so sick with this one and not before, it is a GIRL!