Monday, July 22, 2013


I guess it's about time I explain how I was led to surrogacy and what made me decide to become a surrogate myself.  It's hard for me to believe it's almost been 2 years since the word surrogacy entered my life.  Well here it is, the story, and hopefully I don't disappoint because there's really nothing earth shattering about how I made my decision.  It began simply enough with a tv show.  I came across Sister Wives one day on the tube and their non-traditional lifestyle peaked my interest immediately.  I couldn't grasp how they live as they do.  (I shamefully admit I am a reality tv junkie)  Anyhow, I set the DVR to record all the episodes so I could watch them at my convenience.  I don't recall which eposide it was but one of the wives was always very open about her battle with infertility.  Her newest sister wife came to her and made what felt to me like the greatest, most loving offer of being her surrogate.  I was in awe of how selflessly she was loving on her sister wife.  It was at that moment my wheels started turning.  Not only was the idea placed on my mind it was implanted on my heart.  I reflected on my life and thought about when in my life have I done something of such great magnitude for someone else?  I hadn't.  In what way have I contributed to this life in a manner that didn't revolve around myself or my family?  I knew I was very capable of such an act and it was certain it would be for someone that I knew nothing of or about.  It would be a complete stranger. 

I began with researching the idea online and praying about it, a lot.  It wasn't until about a year later that once again the world of surrogacy was introduced on tv once again.  At that point I knew that if a year later my heart was still on fire about the idea that this was meant to be.  I needed to take the next step.  And I did.  I contacted an agency and the ball began rolling from there.  It all happened so quickly too.  Within a few short months the match had been made.  Little did I know what sort of relationship would form from there.  It's with a smile in my heart that I can say my family has grown by two.    

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