Tuesday, June 4, 2013

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

This is a dear friend of ours named Andy.  Andy married the hubs and I and he's been one of our biggest supporters.  He is an incredibly talented singer and we had the privilege of listening to him sing over the weekend.  I recall D telling me about how he crossed paths with this guy that he really clicked with.  Hearing him speak of him was like hearing D talk about himself.  They may not be similar in physical appearance but these two in every other way could be twins.  I'm so very thankful that God placed Andy into D's life.  As with all things, He knows the perfect timing.  Unfortunately (due to a phone issue) I was only able to upload a short section of the entire song.  So here you go, Enjoy!

Surrogacy update:  Today was day #1 for the progesterone gel.  I take this twice a day, at morning and night.  I'm down to just 3 more days of the lupron shots!!  Amen to that.  So I'm up to six medications right now.  I cannot emphasize how much I'm looking forward to getting to the stage where my body is allowed to do it's own thing and no meds are involved! 

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