Thursday, June 13, 2013

The 2ww

Here's another surrogacy acronym for you...2ww.  It stands for 2 week wait.  The 2ww is the period between the date of actual transfer and the blood draw to see if you're pregnant.  I am fortunate that my wait is actually 11 days instead of 14.  And yes, 3 days make a huge difference when you're in a waiting game.  I posted a few days ago the timeline of what's occurring (if it's occurring) in the uterus after the transfer.  During the 2ww many women start taking home pregnancy tests (hpt) because 2 weeks is just too long to wait.  The downside of that is if you test too early you will get false results.  Your body doesn't start to produce the hcg until the embryo has fully burrowed itself in the lining.  If you test too soon you'll receive a negative result because the hcg is not detecable yet.  I've been warned that testing too early and getting the big fat negative (BFN) will take a toll on your emotions.  So, I held out for 4 days but my willpower gave out.  I knew it was entirely too soon to test but I did it anyway.  This morning I got the BFN.  It did exactly what they said it would.  It made my heart sink.  But, I do feel a lot better knowing I got the first one out of the way and my willpower is back again.  I'm going to wait a few days before taking another one.  By that time, the hcg should be present and detectable and a BFP will be highly likely if it was a successful transfer.  I've decided not to share this test result with the IP's.  It was a pointless test taken way too early and I don't want them to stress out over the result. 
I'm still feeling a lot of pressure, bloating and sometimes little tinges of pain.  They're not the sort of back aching, cramping feelings I get when a period is getting ready to arrive.  It's more of a small, sharp sting in the abdomen.  Not quite sure what that means but I do feel different.  We'll soon find out if it's all in my head or not.

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