Monday, June 10, 2013

The Transfer

 Where do I even begin?  It was an amazing weekend full of so many emotions. 

I flew into the IP's city around 1pm and IM was waiting for me as I stepped off the plane.  She drove me around for a little while showing me some of the big sights.  The gay pride festival was in town so they had quite a bit of activity going on.  She treated me to lunch at a really great local joint that had the largest and most amazing crepes.  After lunch we made our way to the hotel and I was able to relax, contact the family back home and grab a quick shower before dinner.

That evening IP's were both there to pick me up for a fancy dinner at a nice seafood restaurant.  IM and I both share a love for seafood so they knew it was the perfect place to go.  We had such really great conversation and they allowed me to ask any questions I wanted to.  Never once did they hesitate to answer either.  They were genuinely concerned about my life and family as well which was very touching.  If I hadn't already been convinced of how wonderful these people were, they had officially sealed it within my mind and heart.  I learned that they had somewhere around 30 profiles, one even local, to choose from and they had chosen me.  I was able to share with them that they were actually my second match...the first one was not meant to be as we had different expectations.  God had aligned this.  He knew they needed me and I needed them.  We were meant to take this journey together.


I woke up around 7 am and went through my morning meds routine and slipped downstairs for breakfast.  What do you eat on the morning you are going to become pregnant?  Oatmeal seemed like a sensible choice.  You would think at this point, a mere two hours from the procedure, the nerves would be setting in but they weren't.  I was so calm and at peace.  The decision to be a surrogate has always felt right and I can't recall any anxiety over the decistion itself. 


After breakfast the IF picked me up and drove me to the clinic.  I was informed that I was their only transfer patient for the day.  I gowned up, popped a Valium (they have you take this to make sure you are as relaxed as possible.  It wasn't for pain management).  Then I got to hop up on the bed and just relax for about 20 minutes or so.  The doctor stopped by to show me the lucky two embryos that she would be transferring.  Here's a pic of the little guys...or girls. 

The procedure itself was very quick and painless.  The only discomfort came from the fact that you are required to have a full bladder and according to the techs I overachieved lol.  They had a technician performing an ultrasound so the doctor cold see the exact placement and I was able to watch the entire process.  It was mindblowing to see how amazing science really is.  Within 15 minutes, everything was completed.  The IF drove me back to the hotel and left me with a delicious Starbucks cinnamon roll.  I was completely wiped out from the Valium and after I chowed down on the roll I napped for 3 1/2 hours.  I don't recall ever taking a nap like that before.  It was great!  After that I just relaxed and caught a movie on tv while I waited for the IPs to return to take me to the airport. 

 As they were dropping me off at the airport they handed me a card.  I wasn't expecting it, after all they had just pampered me with love and kindness all weekend.  As I waiting for my flight I opened it.  This is only a small portion of what they wrote to me but this is why surrogates do what they do....

I also want to mention how amazing my DH has been through all of this. I was unable to attend a race that he has been looking forward to but luckily our oldest son was able to take my place and enjoy the trip to OK with his father. While I was away I received such supportive and loving words from him. He's the best husband I could have ever asked the Lord for.

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